Our Program.

The Fogolax Academy teaches the critical skills for proper positioning, grip, wing-play, stance, ball control, strategy, shooting and even how to properly string your stick.

When players first attend the Fogolax Academy they will be introduced to the basic principals (Speed, Balance, Power, Technique). As they progress students will be coached on the more complex skills required to be a dominate faceoff specialist. 

Level 1: Students will learn the basic skills to become proficient as a face-off man.

Level 2: A player will graduate to the second level once they demonstrate the ability to “control the game” among peer players.

Level 3: Once a player demonstrates superior Fogo skills they will reach level three status. These players have gained the attention of Schommy as a technically sound Fogo and can apply the skills learned at Fogolax Academy in game situations and can “dominate the x.”

Level 4: Explode through your move! Lead with your hands and have your body follow! Finish!